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    A Tribute to Veronica Li



    Veronica Li, you blessed us with your friendship, your generosity, your infectious joy, and inspiring confidence. We will forever be grateful for the time you always made for us.

    We traveled as family to numerous comic conventions throughout California. We were constantly surrounded by Marvel and DC super heroes. Little did we know, you were the real hero that we didn’t deserve. Our real life Wonder Woman.

    We love you Veronica Li. Always. 



    We'd like to honor our beloved friend by donating to the "No Kid Hungry" campaign in Veronica's name. Those that knew her know that she loved children just as much as she enjoyed great food with friends. We couldn't think of a more perfect organization that actually combines the two! Their mission is to connect kids with nutritious food because they believe that no child should grow up hungry.


    If you would like to donate directly to this campaign, please click here.

    We have also just added the SF-Marin Food Bank to the list of preferred donation organizations. If you would like to make a donation in Veronica Li's name, please click here.



    We are selling T-Shirts, pins, and tote bags with a design inspired by Veronica and will be donating ALL profits from the sales to the No Kid Hungry campaign. Products shown below.